Elevating started with the idea that clothing brands should be more than just clothing with a price tag. A clothing brand should represent a community, it should have a meaning behind it, a mission, a reason to wear it with honor. Not a way to show off how much you paid for that item, nor to judge others for what they are wearing.  We think differently, which is why we also use our earnings to help others. Elevating is the community as a whole, not a one-man run, we look out for each other because we know if they were us we would appreciate the help. Those who wear Elevating are those who are on this Earth for the better of it, those who have dreams, goals, passions. Those who never quit even when times get tough because they know it's part of the journey, people who wear the arrow have a reason they wake up every day. They know what they want & are not afraid to get it. Elevating is not a set one goal, reach it & done, no, Elevating is continuing to grow & elevate until the end.

The icon is more than just a cool arrow design, the left tip signifies the starting point where you decide to follow your passion. The small uphill slope is the slow but steady beginner's growth, then a great challenge hits & you tumble to a state way below from where you started. Your ability to get back up and continue when times are tough will lead to your return & growth, from there, not even the sky is the limit. 


Elevating is split into two categories: active & casual. The active one, being the original, is slanted to resemble movement while casual is well casual. Elevating believes that sayings such as "Successful people never sleep or take breaks" are BS. Most of your growth is done when you're sleeping or keeping it cool. Your brain & body don't function well when overused so the casual section was created to offer non-active-wear clothing.

Elevating sports a black & white color scheme to show off the sporty, bold, & serious character, however it is not limited to such. Everything between #000000 & #ffffff can represent the Elevating brand.